about the Artist

My story

Lee Cliett, a life-long Philadelphia resident, is a self-taught artist working in mixed media and acrylics. She finds inspiration in the flotsam and jetsam of our lives—disposable objects like costume jewelry, whimsical knick-knacks, even personal memorabilia. The sometimes surreal juxtaposition of these elements is art with a sense of humor, art intended to make you smile, and know that life may be bad, but there can always be absurdity and light-hearted incongruity. These items are insignificant, but they have an aesthetic and charm. They can be repurposed, and they may be deconstructed. They are given new life on canvas, often under a coat of resin.
Ms. Cliett does not name her paintings, believing that the true birth and identity of a painting occurs when a client is touched by a work and purchases it. Something in that painting, speaking to the purchaser, will tell them what to name it.